Black and white image of a young Gloria Vanderbilt sitting with a smile in the center of three rows of 18 models bending forward revealing their bottoms with signature Gloria Vanderbilt logo on pocket


Gloria Vanderbilt’s designer jean launches with Mohan Murjani. Known for its fit, signature embroidery, and swan logo, Gloria Vanderbilt becomes the original designer jean.


The Gloria Vanderbilt company is founded by Isaac Dabah and Jack Gross.

Image of an arc of bent-forward models with jean bottoms progressing in the colors the rainbow; the above copy reads Very legendary very Vanderbilt and the copy below arc reads The Ends of the Rainbow. Gloria Vanderbilt, founded in 1978.
Black and white image of woman’s hand on back pocket of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans with embroidered logo


Its turning point comes in 1997, when Gross and Dabah create the Amanda—the best fitting jean in America—and distribute it to a broad selection of retailers. Their focus, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit results in them becoming a leading wholesale company.


In 2002, Gloria Vanderbilt joins the Jones Group under the denim division (Jones Jeanswear), which grows through the launch and addition of Bandolino, Erika, Energie, and L.E.I.

Female model wearing wide-leg blue jeans, tucked-in patterned blouse, and sunglasses standing on a leafy patio with arms resting on a glass partition, looking out into the woods
Three dark haired female models, two wearing L.E.I. jeans and plaid shirts and the third wearing L.E.I. jeans with a gray print t-shirt, standing on top of a denim covered convertible car, holding a banner that reads “L.E.I. Model Citizens=Life Energy Intelligence”; car is on dirt road with grass and trees in background


The company’s success continues in 2006 with the decision to distribute L.E.I. Junior’s and Girl’s exclusively to Wal-Mart.


Capitalizing on the success and brand recognition of Nine West, the company launches Nine West Jeans.

Female model wearing rolled up Nine West jeans, patterned blouse, and open-toed clogs sitting in sand next to a bonfire; white Nine West logo on bottom of image
Jessica Simpson in white dress and long necklace with partially removed white lace sweater on arms; outdoors in front of a boulder with sun shining in background


In 2010, Jones Jeanswear expands its portfolio, securing the licensing rights to the Jessica Simpson Collection. A year later, the Tween division launches.

Vintage America Blues launches.


Sycamore purchases the Jones Group and separates Jones Jeanswear into an individual company, operating under Nine West Holdings.

Jones Jeanswear is renamed
One Jeanswear Group.

Blonde model with two orange feathers braided in hair wearing blue tube top with pink embroidery and multi-colored tied rope, white jeans, and gold necklace; sitting in front of watercolor desert and mountain background
Three black and white images of Justin Timberlake wearing white William Rast jeans, a gray t-shirt with black stripes, a double layered dog tag necklace, and a black fedora; he is smiling in one image, looking straight faced in the middle image, and jumping with arms out and right leg up in the third image


In 2016, One Jeanswear Group secures the licensing rights to William Rast Men’s and Women’s and launches Miracle Jeans.

Today, we have a growing portfolio of 8 company owned brands, 2 licensed brands, and a private label division that designs product for over 30 brands throughout North America.